07 março 2016


Ma: [about the mouse] He's on the other side of this wall.
Jack: What other side?
Ma: Jack, there's two sides to everything.
Jack: Not on an octagon.
Ma: Yeah, but... An octagon has eight sides. But a wall, okay, a wall's like this, see? And we're on the inside and mouse is on the outside.
Jack: In outer space?
Ma: No, in the world. It's much closer than outer space.
Jack: I can't see the outside-side.
Ma: Listen, I know that I told you something else before, but you were much younger. I didn't think that you could understand, but now you're so old, you're so smart. I know that you can get this. Where do you think that old Nick gets our food?
Jack: From TV by magic!

Ma: You're gonna love it.
Jack: What?
Ma: The world.

 Jack: When I was small, I only knew small things. But now I'm five, I know everything!

- E não coloco aqui outras das minhas falas preferidas porque estaria a desvendar o que acontece neste filme. Vão ver! -